The Pharaonic Village

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The concept of the “Pharaonic Village”, as envisaged by its founder, Dr. Hassan Ragab, was to show life in an ancient Egyptian village around 2000 B.C.
The village was originally a papyrus plantation. In 1966 after many years of research, Dr. Ragab had rediscovered how the ancient Egyptians made paper from the papyrus plant. He required a large strip of land close to the water and, therefore, used
this island as a papyrus plantation.
work on the village started in 1977; canals were dug and waterways were made in the island. approximately 500 tree were planted to screen the village from the city. The pharaonic Village was inaugurated in May 1984 in a semi-finished state.

1- Nile trip.
2- King Tutankhamun’s Tomb.
3- Museums: Boats – Mummification & Medicine – Building the Pyramids – Arts & Beliefs.
4- Historic Museums: Cleopatra’s Museum – Coptic – Islamic – Napoleon – Nasser – Sadat.
5- Bazaars.